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What if you could finish the novel you've always wanted to write?

You love writing. That’s why you’re here! 

You need something else, too. That’s why you found PowerWriters.

You work. You have classes. You have so many other things going on, but you’re still thinking about that next page to write. You squeeze in time to finesse characters and create new worlds, but you need fresh, sharp eyes on your work. 

You think, “Wouldn’t it be great if I had a dedicated writing group?”

PowerWriters is a community of DC, MD, and NoVA writers who give each other support, inspiration, and knowledge to complete writing projects without struggling to carve out time, sifting so-so feedback from strangers, or losing motivation and momentum.

What do PowerWriters do that's different?

PowerWriters are fiction writing groups in the Washington DC metropolitan area thoughtfully chosen and matched for each other. As a PowerWriter, you’ll be matched with your own close-knit group of writers chosen just for you and your writing, along with:

  • Deadlines and accountability to help you form writing habits that last throughout your professional career.
  • Constructive feedback from varied viewpoints that enrich your writing.
  • Tested resources and workshops on effective writing critique and skills.
  • A local, dedicated community where you can meet in person to talk shop and have fun, too!

PowerWriters isn't a writing class. It's a method to jumpstart your writing habit and sustain it for the long haul. It's like marathon training...without the running and sweating.

How do I know if PowerWriters is right for me?

You’ve outgrown the DC bar and club scenes and want to do something more creative with your time.

The law firm life is getting tiresome, and you yearn to write something that you don’t have to bluebook.

You’re new to fiction writing and afraid that your story idea is too out there or a copycat of another story.

When you try to sit down and write that novel or short story, your partner, children, or pets keep interrupting you.

The thought of being with creative peers THRILLS you, but you don’t know where to find these people in the DC area.

“Write a novel” has moved to the top of your bucket list, but you don’t want to sacrifice your paying job to join an MFA program.

If you said "That's me!" to any of these statements, you know PowerWriters is right for you.

Whether you’re an unpublished writer, a writer returning after a hiatus, or a busy writer looking to finally type “The End” on your manuscript, PowerWriters use structure and accountability in balance with life to help you reach your goals.

How do I get matched?

I form groups three times a year, so you don't have to wait too long to be matched!  I sit down with all the writers’ applications and look at shared goals, genres, and proximity. You’ll be in a group of writers who can best read, critique, and advance your craft.


Join when the time is right for you!

Membership opens about one month before the season begins. See the deadline schedule to the right. Once you join, you'll get access to the New Members Orientation course that helps you prepare for Match Day and your first group meeting!

SPRING | Starts in January. Join by December 31. SUMMER | Starts in May. Join by April 30. FALL | Starts in September. Join by August 31.

What kind of fiction writing group should I join?

Accountability, Critique, or Advanced Critique?

Download this helpful guide that steps you through how to choose the right PowerWriters writing group for you. 

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PowerWriters is focused on two things:
1) keeping your writing momentum high; and
2) building community among local writers.

Momentum and Motivation

  • PowerHour sessions. The most productive 60 minutes of your day! PowerHour is a silent, write-together session on Zoom that keeps you focused on your fiction writing. 
  • Mixed-group workshops where you learn the craft of fiction and interact with all PowerWriters across groups (no long lectures that talk at you while you sit passively).

  Dedicated Community

  • Group Matching (and Rematching!). Based on your needs and goals, you'll be matched with an Accountability, Critique, or Advanced Critique Group
  • Seasonal get-togethers with all PowerWriters. Yes, with actual, live humans! [COVID note: we tend to gather outdoors]
  • Seasonal check-ins. I check in with groups at the top of the season to see how things are going, gather your ideas for events and workshops, and offer resources to help you grow as a group.

What writers are saying about the PowerWriter workshops:

(workshops are free as part of your membership!)

Gio J.

participant in a PowerWriter workshop

In all honesty, I took another "beginnings" class run exactly by the kind of teacher who is at the center of the entire conversation. The instructor claimed to want to let everyone talk, but quite invalidating to students who didn't provide the right answer. Donna's style is respectful and professional. Her approach of letting students work with one another was 100% what I needed, but didn't know that I needed it until it happened.



Laurie R.

participant in a PowerWriter workshop

I came looking for concrete help with a specific story I'm writing now. So, I was happy that the workshop did not include writing prompts--when that happens, I feel "put on the spot" and distracted from that current story (and so I tend to avoid those kinds of workshops). I was a bit afraid that the "interview" would feel the same, but it did not. It was amazing! The timing was perfect for a 2-person breakout. Larger breakout groups might require more time in the workshop overall to reach the depths (the ah-hah moments) we did today (and that depth is what I appreciated most--it truly helped me to return to my writing with understanding and confidence).

Stacie C.

participant in a PowerWriter workshop

I was able to verbally explain who my characters are which helped me to answer some of my own questions and concerns. My partner also shared her understanding of my characters with me which was refreshing and affirming to hear.

Jason A.

participant in a PowerWriter workshop

[Donna] facilitated great discussions with a group of people at different stages of the writing process, provided well-structured templates and guides.

Ready to be a PowerWriter?

Join a community of supportive writers and advance your writing craft! The next membership session opens December 1, 2023.

Here are some questions prospective writers have asked before joining PowerWriters:

I can’t wait for you to join PowerWriters!

I started my first fiction writing group in DC in 2011. Imagine me: a sleep-deprived mom stealing minutes here and there to write a novel while also chasing a toddler, holding down a FULL-TIME job (no telework in those days!), and keeping up with housework.

I knew that if I didn’t create time and space outside of the house for my writing, I would never find momentum.

I put out a little call on the Mothers on the Hill (MoTH) neighborhood listserv to see if there were other grown-ups who liked to write fiction. I hoped for maybe two, but ELEVEN people answered! This group of twelve moms and dads met on the second floor of the Starbucks on Pennsylvania Avenue at 3rd Street SE. 

“Writing a novel isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon.”

As the saying goes, but unlike a marathon, writing a novel doesn’t have a perfectly marked course to measure your distance and pace.

When you write with a group, you’re getting a cheering section that happens to also be on the pavement with you…running every step of the way.

Are you ready to invest in your creativity and see your writing grow?

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  • Seasonal workshops focused on sharpening your writing craft
  • Seasonal invitations to social events
  • Access to the PowerHour calendar for our write-together productivity sessions
  • Access to the PowerWriter learning platform for courses
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